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Chant-  Playthru 1

South Carolina All-State
"Warrick Ensemble"

The following MP3s are reference recordings from the two run-thrus the day before the concert. They are not meant to replace the concert recordings. Every student in the band should purchase the CD produced by the state to compare the final concert with the dress rehearsals.

These are in concert order... 1st run-thru followed by the second.

Steppin' Up-  Playthru 2

Playthrus posted at 270

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Star Spangled Banner-  Playthru 2

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Summertime-  Playthru 2

Take 5'4-  Playthru 2

Jingle Bells-  Playthru 2

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Take 5'4-  Playthru 1

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Steppin' Up-  Playthru 1

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Chant-  Playthru 2

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It's not how high your part goes, how hard it is, or how many notes there are.
The MOST important thing is how WELL you play the part YOU ARE GIVEN in the RIGHT STYLE.

Star Spangled Banner-  Playthru 1

For "band director fun", look at the similarities of the times for each tune in the different playthrus.  That's the magic of a metronome to set a tempo before you play.  I am anxious to see the playthru times of the concert... especially "Take5'n4" which I think I took way too fast in the concert for clarity of the voices... but we'll see.  It was like a ride on the Wild Mouse on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. (Ask your parents about the "Wild Mouse".)

Also, there are things in PlayThur 1 below that went better than PlayThru 2.  I sure wish I had my laptop in South Carolina so I could have posted these playthrus on Friday night for you.

Your director is welcome to a PDF set for my arrangement of SUMMERTIME.  Just email me.  jim@jimwarrickmusic.com.  All other tunes are available from the publishers and they can email me for publisher contact info.

Summertime-  Playthru 1

Jingle Bells-  Playthru 1