• Hymn Medley #12:23

  • Beyond the Garden Gate2:03

These three short original compositions were written for a children's musical produced in Anderson, SC. 

  • 4:30

This is an original piece written to introduce a promotional video I produced for Chicago media about the "Hey NOLA, We didn't forget you!" project our New Trier HS jazz students undertook to raise the $75,000 it took to build (and travel to NOLA to build) a Habitat For Humanity house in Musicians Village, which we named the "Frank Mantooth House."

  • Imagination3:00

  • Dream Breaker2:07

This is an arrangement of two hymns for the Westmore Church of God Orchestra (Cleveland, TN) used to open their worship services.


  • Techno Time5:42

  • Obodeodo1:47

  • When Dreams Awake4:21

BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE was composed as a surprise to be performed at our wedding.

My most recent project is this composition for the choir and orchestra at the Westmore Church of God (Cleveland, TN).  FINALE has vocal-sounding patches, but no words are possible.

WHEN DREAMS AWAKE was composed as an engagement gift to my wife.

TECHNO TIME was composed for and the New Trier Synthesizer Ensemble to be premiered at the national convention of the International Association of Jazz Educators..

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