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Another video I filmed and edited to help promote and educate people about the New Orleans Musician's Clinic soon after Katrina when NOLA musicians needed the clinic the most.

This is a video I filmed and edited for use in the sale of a home.

Caliente is a high school-age group that comes from Houston, Texas. This is a performance of "Frenzy" composed by Mario Bauza and René Hernandez/José Madera. The group is directed by José Diaz. The photos were taken by Caitlin Warrick and the video was edited by me. The performance at which the photos were taken was the 2009 Midwest International Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.


This is a video that I filmed and edited that was used to promote the Jazz Education Network's 2011 national convention that took place in New Orleans.

Here are two examples of skill videos that I produced for student athletes to send to prospective college coaches.  You send me your videos that you want edited and let me know what you want included.

This is a video I filmed, produced, and edited to promote the 2011 national convention of the Jazz Education Network in New Orleans. The music is entitled "NOLA's Lament and Return" by Graham Breedlove, a former resident of New Orleans and trumpet player in the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble.