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Below is the accompaniment for a vocalist. The piece can be produced in any key needed by a vocalist.

Lead Sheet Project for copyrighting or having others perform your music!

Used with permission.

Copyright 2016 William Wright

  • Where the Road Never Ever Unwinds3:50

Song Writer's Special!!!

I will write create a lead sheet of your song for copyright or EZ performance by others for only $50 per song.  You just need to send me a recording of the song!

This is an example of an original song with lyrics written by William Wright, Life Style Editor of the Cleveland Banner in Cleveland, TN.  He wanted a transcription for friends to sing and to submit for a copyright. He has obtained a copyright using the assistance of my services.

For "lead sheet" preparation you will be provided something meeting the needs of the copyright office. The "lead sheet" can be used for a singer and musicians too so  others can perform your music without you worrying about someone legally stealing your melody.. If you want an accompaniment CD for someone to perform to, then that is also an option. NOTE: It is your responsibility to pay the fee to the Copyright office of $35. It is possible that multiple works can potentially be protected under one application.

  • Where the Road Never Ever Unwinds3:55