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For various reasons, I can't find any recordings of the pieces I have arranged or composed for choral groups.

However, below is my most recent composition for choir and contemporary orchestra.

It can be rescored for any accompaniment you need. This version is scored for my church choir and has a brief female soloist, and the accompaniment of includes Flute, Violin, Alto and Tenor Sax, 3 Trumpets, 1 French Horn, 3 Trombones, Piano, Electric Piano, Hammond B3, Guitar, Bass and Drums. (Again, I can rescore the accompaniment for your needs)  Email me and I will send you the full score to review.

Since this is a FINALE playback scroll, you won't hear actual words... just vocal-like timbre. Somewhat druid-like.

This is a FINALE scrolling playback that has human-like timbres for the vocal lines, but no words.