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  • 7:09

Hello Lee Jazz Ensemble,

I JUST finished the arrangement of AMEN to close the Spring Jazz Concert.  It really needs a choir or more vocalists with Jermaine.  I have some ideas about that. We'll see.

I've never had an piece or arrangement write itself like this one.  I just sat and watch the Lord do the work.


This is a FINALE score playback, so the balances are a bit off at times.  Plus the only thing the FINALE voices know how to sing is "AH".  Very limited vocabulary.

Instrumentation is 5 saxes, 4 tpts, 4 tbns, bass clarinet, 2 or 3 flutes, alto flute, English horn, French horn, piano, synth with string pads, timpani, vibes, bells, drums, guitar, piano, bass, vibes. Pretty much the cast of Gandhi.

Tomorrow I will start working on editing the parts and send them out ASAP, and the parts to the new arrangement of "Every Day"‚Äč

Did I remember to tell you to use headphones to hear this?